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Hundreds of reefsharks

In Tumakohua Pass next to Tetamanu Village hundreds of grey, blacktip and silvertip reefsharks patrol every day.

I can look at it for hours.

Shark Nursery School

Under the balcony of our bungalow at Tetamanu Village Fakarava, French Polynesia, young blacktip reefsharks live together with a Napoleon wrasse.

During a liveaboard trip with the Palau Aggressor in December 2011 the boat crew threw some raw meatballs in the sea. That gave me a great opportunity to film the blacktip reefsharks while they were having lunch.

The following films were made by Willem when we were in French Polynesia in May/June 2011.

They can be downloaded from YouTube by clicking on the title.